Maguan County Culture

Ethnic Groups

There are 5 ethnic minorities in Maguan, covering Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Dai and Buyi. Ethnic minorities account for 49.67% of the total population. All the ethnic groups live in mixed and small community, but there are slightly different in their custom and distinctive festivals. Diverse ethnic groups, united, live together in harmony, with respecting the old and cherishing the young.


Ethnic Villages

1.Bazhaijiejiao Village of Bazhai Town in Maguan County, Wenshan (文山壮族苗族自治州马关县八寨镇八寨街脚村)

2.Luojiaping Village of Jinchang Town in Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture(文山州马关县金厂镇金厂村委会罗家坪)

3.Pojiao Village of Nanlao Town in Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture (文山州马关县南捞乡小麻栗坡村委会坡角村)

4.Xinzhai Village of Renhe Town in Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture (文山州马关县仁和镇阿峨村委会新寨村)

5.Masa Village of Baizhen Town in Maguan County, Wenshan (马关县白镇马洒村)


Ethnic Festivals

Sanyuesan Festival of Zhuang People (壮族三月三)

Colored Rice (Huafan) Festival of Zhuang Ethnic Minority (马关县壮族六月花饭节)

Huashan Festival of Miao People (苗族花山节)

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