Maguan County Overview


Maguan County (马关县; pinyin: Mǎguān Xiàn) is located in south of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. It is connected to Malipo county in the east, Vietnam in the south. It also neighbors Hekou county and Pingbian county. It also enjoys charming landscape and border culture. Maguan County is especially famous for its prints of Zhuang farmers.


2.Basic Information

Chinese Name: 马关县

English Name: Maguan County

Population: 35,000 persons (by the end   of 2004;)

Language: Southwestern Mandarin

Administrative Division Code : 530924

Post Code: 663700

Phone Area Code: 0876

The Prefix of Motor Vehicle License Plate: 云H

The Prefix of Citizen Identity Card Number: 32622

Area Coverage: 2755 square kilometers

Seat of Government: Mabai Town(马白镇)



Administrative division of this area in history initiated during the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), when the emperor launched the exploitation of southwestern border area. Kingdoms set up by local ethnic minorities were conquered and replaced by counties and shires newly established by the court.

Due to a lack of arable land and remoteness, this is area that has never been densely populated. It is generally thought to have been originally inhabited by Miao peoples, who migrated into Wenshanzhou from what is now Guizhou province. During to the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), kingdoms established by local ethnic groups were dismantled by invading forces and the area was assimilated.



Ma Guan County is located in the southeast of Yunnan Province.Located in the south edge of the Karst Plateau in southeastern Yunnan, Maguan County is limestone mountain and Canyon facies. In the gentle undulating area of the rocky mountain, there are tall rocky peak forests, deep eroded depressions, eroded basins and no big dams. The area of mountain and narrow valley accounts for 87.7% of the county area, and the hilly basin accounts for 123% and the whole county is large.



Maguan County is located in the southeast edge of Yunnan's low latitude plateau, belonging to the subtropical east monsoon climate. Because of the complex terrain, the redistribution of light, temperature and water, the climate changes greatly in vertical way, represented by hot valley, warm hills and cold mountain. Summer is not heat and winter in not very cold. It is cold in dry season and hot in rainy season. Four seasons can be seen among the same mountain and the weather changes greatly in ten miles.



There are no luxury hotels and star hotels in Maguan County. If you want to stay in better hotel, you can go to Wenshan city and choose the favorable hotel. 



Maguan, small but enjoying long history, emphasizes on charming forest landscape, ethnic culture and unique border culture, which is away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Travelers can enjoy the leisurely life pace in the ethnic villages, appreciating the dancing of local people. Yunnan Exploration offers the top attraction of Maguan for you, such as Gulinqing Primary Forest, the Cloud Sea of Dajichang Village, Bazhaijiejiao Village of Bazhai Town, Masa Village of Baizhen Town and Dulong Border and Local Markets in Maguan County. To enjoy the featured festival, appreciate the charming forest landscape and cloud sea and view the integration of China and Vietnam, Maguan is a favorable place for you.



Maguan county enjoys convenient trasportation. There is no a airport and train station in Maguan. Travelers can get to other counties by air or train, then change bus to Maguan county. 


9.Ethnic Culture

There are 5 ethnic minorities in Maguan, covering Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Dai and Buyi. Ethnic minorities account for 49.67% of the total population. All the ethnic groups live in mixed and small community, but there are slightly different in their custom and distinctive festivals. Diverse ethnic groups, united, live together in harmony, with respecting the old and cherishing the young.


10.What to Eat in Maguan County

Sanqi Steaming Pot Chicken, Wenshan  (文山汽锅鸡)

Dyed Glutinous Rice (壮家花糯米)

Dalishu Bacon Ham (大栗树腊科火腿)

Laji Food (拉基美食)

Longzhua Dish (龙爪菜)


11.What to Buy in Maguan County

Maguan Tea(马关茶)

Tangfang Orange(塘房桔)

Pseudo-ginseng of Wenshan (文山三七)

Amomum Villosum (砂仁)