Maguan County Dining

Cuisines of Maguan County are same as  most of Wenshan dishes. Most of the popular dishes are made by local specialty. Maguan food is influenced by Zhuang and Yi people. Zhuangs' dinning culture and habits represent in Maguan dishes at the same time.


⇒What to Eat in  Maguan County

Sanqi Steaming Pot Chicken, Wenshan  (文山汽锅鸡)

The Sanqi Steaming Pot Chicken is a famous dish in the Yanshan County. First, marinate the fine roots of Sanqi in the water, and then wash them clean. Put the roots in the abdominal cavity of the chicken which has already been washed. Place the chicken and the seasonings in the boiler. Then put the boiler on another boiler which holds about 4 or 5 kilograms of water. Airproof the meeting point of the two boilers.

Dyed Glutinous Rice (壮家花糯米)

Zhuang people dye glutinous rice with the edible flowers or leaves, such as yellow flowers, maple leaves, red bluegrass and purple rattan, then steam till ready for eating. Rice becomes colorful like the booming flowers. It is the popular traditional Zhuang food.

Dalishu Bacon Ham (大栗树腊科火腿)

Dalishu bacon ham has a more than 200-year history, which is a traditional special dish by Dalishu village people. It is one of the most popular dishes of Maguan.

Laji Food (拉基美食)

Laji is the branch of Zhuang ethnic minority, reaching the population of  2000.  Laji people are good at cokking delicious food, among them fermented soya beans,  sour-gut, glutinous rice cake are very famous.

Longzhua Dish (龙爪菜)

Longzhua dish consists of pteridium aquilinum var(蕨苔), cordate houttuynia(鱼腥草), capsicum frutescens(小米辣). 



⇒Where to Eat in Maguan County

Dose the cuisine of Maguan make your mouth water? Then share your best restaurants tips with other foodie travelers. What kind of cuisine is Wenshan known for? What are the best established restaurants? What are the local delicacies? Come here you will find the answers. Check more Maguan County Restaurants.

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