Maguan County Shopping

Enjoying the favorable climate and environment, Maguan boasts a great number of specialties, such as Maguan tea, Tangfang orange, Sanqi, fructus amomi(砂仁). Check the Maguan county shopping and you will know what to buy & where to buy in Maguan County.


⇒What to Buy in Maguan County

1. Maguan Tea(马关茶)

Maguan enjoys favorable enviroment. Many ancient tea plants were found in Laojun Mountain and Gulinqing.

2.Tangfang Orange(塘房桔)

Tangfang Orange enjoys long history of over 200 years. It is juicy and sweet. Tangfang orange is the most characteristic citrus in Maguan County.

3.Pseudo-ginseng of Wenshan (文山三七)

The Autonomous Region of Wenshan teems with Sanqi which is also called Tianqi. It got its names because it has three branches and seven leaves. (in Chinese, three is san, and seven is qi) Sanqi is a kind of plants of panax, Araliaceae. The uncooked Sanqi can stanch, strengthen the heart, dispel the extravasated blood, help the new flesh to grow, lessen the swelling, and ease the pain. 

4.Amomum Villosum (砂仁)

Amomum villosum is also known as Amomum Fruit. The acrid, warm and nontoxic herb has been used in TCM as anti-ulcer, inhibits secretion of stomach acid,  anti-platelet coagulation agent and to promote stomach and intestine movement and to bloating, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, cold type of diarrhea, fetus over active, etc. 


⇒Where to Buy in Maguan County

All of these local products can be found in local street and local markets. You dear can view the local market when you travel around the small county.

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