Meili Snow Mountain Climate


Due to the topography from north to south, the river valley opens toward the south, which enables the airflow to rise upwards in the valley. With strong influences by monsoon, distinct wet and dry seasons, and high and steep mountains, it presents a highland cold temperate climate. In summer, the temperature is 11-29℃. Compared to the valley area, the temperature is 10-20℃ in the mountainous area. The coldest month is from December to February. In January, the temperature is 7-12 degrees during the day and 2-5 degrees at night. During the period between November and March, the weather is very nice. In winter, there are a few days of snow, which may stop visitors passing with their vehicles.

Besides the complex topography, Meili Snow Mountain is much more complex in its weather changes. It may snow, rain or turn cloudy or sunny within a few seconds. The average annual rainfall is 600 millimeters, and the rainy season is generally between July and August.

Best Time to Visit Meili Snow Mountain

The best time to visit Meili Snow Mountain is from October to next May. The best season is after the end of October, when you can view the main peak because of the nice weather, clean air and the high transparency there. However, in other seasons, it mainly depends on your luck to see the main peak. You are more likely to have a chance to see the snow-covered mountain in the early morning when when the sun rises.