Meili Snow Mountain Culture

The area around Meili Snow Mountain is a sparsely populated region. Most of the inhabitants are Tibetans. The biggest event should be the Inner Pilgrimage and the Outer Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage is the custom of Tibetan people, it’s an act of religious observance and respect for nature, undertake a pilgrimage on foot around some sacred places like a mountain, a lake or a temple. Each year multitudes of pilgrims spare no efforts and travel long to conduct their Buddhist circumambulating to Holy Mountains and Lakes for good luck and ascending to the paradise after death.

There are two trekking routes, one is the Inner Pilgrimage, the other is Outer Pilgrimage. The Inner Pilgrimage is easier hiking route, which will cost about 6 days, And the Outer Pilgrimage would take 7-15 days.

The Route of Inner Pilgrimage
1. Xidang Village- Ninong Village- Lower Yubeng(Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake)-Upper Yubeng- Xidang Spring
2. Xidang Village- Upper Yubeng(Ice Lake)- Lower Yubeng(Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake)- Ninong Village- Xidang Spring

The Route of Outer Pilgrimage
Deqin County Center- Yunling Town- Yangla Village(1950)- Yangza Suspension Bridge- Yongjiu Village(northwards) or Yongzhi Village(southwards) – Yongshitong- Dekangyading- Duokeyaka- Shusutong- Qienatong- Abing- Lakangya(near Nu River, at an altitude of 1700m)- Zhana- Longbu- Damuyaka- Gebu- Daguya(4100m)- Gezaya(4300m)- Meijiubugong- Shuoya(4828m)- Dulongyong- Meilishui(near Lancang River)- Adong River- Deqin

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