Menghai County Administrative Divisions

Menghai County has jurisdiction over 6 towns, 5 townships, 4 neighborhood committees, 85 village committees, 888 villages, 973 groups of villagers. Below are the details of towns and townships of Menghai County.

• 6 Towns: Menghai Town(勐海镇), Daluo Town(打洛镇), Menghun Town(勐混镇), Mengzhe Town(勐遮镇), Mengman Town(勐满镇), Meng'a Town(勐阿镇)

• 5 Townships: Mengsong Township(勐宋乡), Mengwang Township(勐往乡), Gelanghe Hani Ethnic Towship(格朗和哈尼族乡), Bulang Mountain Bulang Ethnic Township(布朗山布朗族乡), Xiding Hani Ethnic Bulang Ethnic Township(西定哈尼族布朗族乡)