Menghai County Dining

Menghai is a county in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, with suitable climate and rich vegetation. Tourists who come to Menghai can not only see the beautiful scenery, but also taste the delicious dishes.

What to Eat in Menghai County?

1.Fragrant Bamboo Baked Rice

Fragrant Bamboo Rice is also called Kaolan in Dai language. This food is especially cooked in bamboo tubes with pleasant smell. When finished cooking, the bamboo membrane inside the bamboo tube will stick to the rice after some beating the bamboo tube, then the tube is cut into halves, delicious Fragrant Bamboo Rice is just before your eyes.

 2. Menghai Roast Chicken

This kind of little chicken of Dai people in Menghai County, is weighted less than 500g. After defeathering, coat it with a lot of seasoning and then roast it with fire. The people eat it with hands and the skin is crisp and the flesh is tender and tasty.

 3. Menghai Baoshao(勐海包烧)

Baoshao is a special way of cooking food. The food is wrapped inside natural green leaves such as Chinese Banana tree and cooked by charcoal fire. Baoshao food includes pork, beef, fish, needle mushroom, Bamboo Shoot, etc.

4. Aini Chicken Porridge

Aini Chicken Porridge is made with good chicken meat and rice. It's rich in nutrition and special in taste.

5. Pounded Green Fruit(舂青果)

Qingguo is a kind of wild fruit growing in big trees. The local people pound it with many kinds of seasonings whose taste is complicated with some kinds of bitter, spicy, puckery and appetizing. While sweet taste returns in the mouth.