Menglun Town Overview

1. Basic Information

● Chinese Name: 勐仑镇

● Area: 355 square kilometers

● Population: 21000(2010)

● Zip code: 666303

● Dialing code: (+86) 0691

2. Location

Menglun town is located in the northwest of Mengla county, bordering Yiwu Town in the east, Menghan Town and Jinuo Township in the west, Xiangming Township in the north. It is about 60 kilometers far away from the downtown of Mengla and 63 kilometers from Jinghong.

3. Administrative Division

Menglun town has jurisdiction over four village committees(Manbian Village, Chengzi Village, Mengxing Village, Daka Village) and three farm residential quarters. 

4. Ethnic People

At the end of 2008, there are a total population of 14,828 in Menglun Town and ethnic minorities accounting for 86% of the whole, is 12752. They are Dai, Hani, Yi, etc.

5. Climate and Weather

Menglun climate is warm and temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall in Menglun than in summer. This climate is considered to be Cwa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. In Menglun, the average annual temperature is 23.1 °C. The rainfall here averages 1357 mm.

6. Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Menglun is during the dry season (from November to April), when the weather is agreeable and the temperature is mild. If you would like to taste the rich tropical fruit here, traveling during the period from June to September is a good choice. 

Try to avoid the peak holidays due to crowded Chinese tourists such as Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival and the National Day golden week are the most crowded time for travelling.

7. Things to Do

Menglun is rich in natural resources, and what to see in Menglun Xishuangbanna is the tropical botanical garden of CAS which situated across the Luosuo River and spreading over 900 hectares. Besides, there are Lvshilin forest rainforest park, Cuipingfeng Tropical Forest Park, etc.

8. How to Get to Menglun?

Menglun can be accessible by air and bus. The nearest airport is Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport located in Jinghong City and tourists can fly to Gasa airport and then transfer to Menglun. Bus is another important way getting to Menglun, which could be accessible from Kunming, Jinghong, Mengla, etc. 

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