Menglun Town Dining

Located in the border area, Menglun food has strong features of ethnic custom and also is influenced by southeast Asian. The cuisine of Dai, Hani, Bulang, etc all have big difference from that of central plains. Follow us and find out what they like to eat. 

What to Eat in Menglun?

1.Pineapple Rice菠萝饭

This is a special rice food of Dai Nationality. First soak some polished glutinous rice, then wash and mix it with some minced meat. Then cut a small area off a pineapple and hollow the pineapple, stuffing it with the mixture of rice and meat. At last, cover the cut and get it steamed in a wok. Sweet and delicious, the rice is good for one’s blood and lung.

2. Dai's Roast Chicken傣味烤鸡

There are two kinds of roast chicken in Menglun. One is to souse it with seasonings before roast, another is to roast the meat first and then dip the sauce. 

3.Citronella Roast Chicken香茅草烤鸡

Clear the chicken meat and roast it to rare on the charcoal fire. Then pull the meat down and pound it soft. Mix it with pre-cut scallions, garlic, cilantro, green chiles and salt, wrap it with clear Citronella and roast it again. The last step is to cover some lard and roast foe a few minutes. 

4.Dai's Fried Niupi傣味炸牛皮

Its raw material is cowhide and edible oil. Cook the cowhide first and cut it into pieces of half a metre long and 2 inches wide. Then heat the oil in the pan, and fry the dried cowhide to crisp and yellowish. It can be eaten directly with the sour sauce or as a side dish. Dai people like to eat it with rice noodles.

Where to Eat in Menglun?

1.Manting Small Village Dai Restaurant(曼听小寨黎明傣味楼)

Add: No.24, Menghai Road, Menglun Town, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 13114189182

2.Caichunqing Restaurant(财春青)

Add: No. 193, Mantinglan, Manting Road, Menglun Town, Xishuangbanna
Tel: 0691-2161758

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