Mengzi Overview

Mengzi overview is a relatively comprehensive introduction of Mengzi City. In this part, you will have a general understanding of Mengzi.

‣Geographical Location

Mengzi is located in the southeast of Yunnan province and the east of Honghe prefecture. It is 61.3 kilometers from east to west and 62 kilometers from south to north, covering an area of 2228 square kilometers. Mengzi borders Wenshan county in the east, Pingbian county in the south, Gejiu City in the west, and Kaiyuan City in the north. The tropic of cancer passes through Xiaobaxin of Mingjiu Town鸣鹫镇小坝心, Suzu of Xibeile township西北勒乡苏租, Dataizi of Wenlan town文澜镇大台子, Xinguang and east dam of Changqiaohai of Yuguopu town雨过铺镇新光和长桥海东坝 in Mengzi. Mengzi’s main terrain is mountain area and basin area, including 75.6% of mountain area and 24.4% of basin area. Altitude of Wenlan town is 1307 meters.

‣Basic Information


●Chinese Name: 蒙自

●Total Areas: 2,228 Square Kilometers 

●Elevation: 1,310 meters

●Population: 452,000

●Postal Code: 661100

●Area Code: 0873

●Key Words: Crossing the bridge rice noddle, Pomegranate


Mengzi is located in low-latitude plateau, enjoying subtropical monsoon climate. In Mengzi, rainfall in summer is much more than winter. Annual average temperature in Mengzi is 18.6℃, extreme maximum temperature and minimum temperature are 33.8℃ and 2.9℃ respectively. Frost-free period is 337 days, and annual rainfall is of 815.8 mm. Annual average sunshine duration is 2234 hours.

The Best Time to Visit Mengzi

Most of places in Honghe prefecture enjoy the subtropical monsoon climate, annual average temperature is 15℃-22.6℃. Try to avoid the moist and hot summer, the best time to travel is March to April and September to December. In winter, with clear and temperate weather, tourists can go to Yuanyang and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace. 

What to Visit in Mengzi

Mengzi is a wonderful place where the transportation is convenient, food is delicious and landscapes are charming. Visitors have many places to visit when traveling in Mengzi. Such as, south lake南湖, Bisezhai Village碧色寨, Yuanshi Cave缘狮洞, Longbao Cave龙宝洞, Guanyin Temple观音殿,  Former Residence of Wen Yiduo闻一多先生旧居, Yingzhou Pavillion瀛洲亭 and Ancient Architectures of Jade Emperor Pavilion玉皇阁古建筑群.

‣What to Eat in Mengzi

Mengzi is the hometown of crossing the bridge rice noodle and pomegranate. When you come to Mengzi, you must taste the authentic rice noodle. Besides, ten thousand mu pomegranate garden is splendid, pomegranate in it is of high quality, you will love it.

‣Administrative Divisions

Up to 2012, Mengzi City has jurisdiction over 7 towns, 2 townships and 2 ethnic towns. Wenlan Town文澜镇, Caoba Town草坝镇, Yuguopu Town雨过铺镇, Xinansuo Town新安所镇, Zhicun Town芷村镇, Mingjiu Miao Town鸣鹫苗族镇, Lengquan Town冷泉镇, Shuitian Township水田乡, Xibeile Township西北勒乡, Qilubai Miao Ethnic Town期路白苗族乡 and Laozhai Miao Ethnic Town老寨苗族乡.

‣Ethnic Groups

There are Han, Yi, Miao, Zhuang, Hani, Hui and other minority groups in Mengzi. Yi, Miao and Zhuang are main ethnic minority groups in Mengzi.

‣Where to Stay in Mengzi

★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★

Guanfang Hotel Honghe(红河官方大酒店)

Tian Yuan Hotel(天源大酒店)

Longma Hotel(龙马大酒店)

Shengyi Business Hotel(盛逸商务酒店)


You have two ways to get in Mengzi, long-distance bus and train. Non-stop long-distance buses and trains are available, there are railway stations, Mengzi Station and Mengzi North Station. Besides, Mengzi airport is under plan and construction.

History and Culture in Mengzi.