Mengzi Shopping

Mengzi is famous as hometown of pomegranate and hometown of crossing the bridge rice noodle. Mengzi shopping includes what local specialty you can buy and Where you can buy these specialties in Mengzi. If you travel around Mengzi, do not forget to buy some local specialties as souvenirs.

What to Buy in Mengzi

1. Mengzi Rice Cake

Mengzi Rice Cake is one of the famous traditional foods in Yunnan province. With smooth surface, crystal clear appearance, fine quality, sweet taste and flexible palatability, Mengzi rice cake chooses high-quality sticky rice as raw materials. It has enjoyed more than 300-year reputation.

2. Mengzi Pomegranate

Mengzi sweet pomegranate is produced in Xinansuo Town新安所镇 and Daxinzhai大新寨 areas. It is said that, sweet pomegranate here was introduced from Iran and Afghanistan with more than 700-year history. There are around 70 varieties of pomegranate in Mengzi, which are divided into two categories, ornamental and edible.

3. Small Red Dates小红枣

Small red date is a local fruit of high quality in Mengzi, which has a long history of cultivation and enjoys a certain reputation. With the main features of sweet and crispy taste, as well as washiness. Fine quality make it have a strong competitive advantage in market and broad sales prospect.  From July to September, Mengzi red dates are ripen and appear on the market. In addition to local market, it is sold to Shanghai, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other provinces.

Where to Buy in Mengzi

1. Jinfang Shopping Mall金方购物广场

Address: The Crossroad of Tianma Road and Wenlan Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi蒙自市天马路与文澜路交叉口

Tel: 0873-3197638

2. Shengshi Commercial City盛世商都

Address: No.35, Lianda Road, Mengzi蒙自市联大路35号

3. Daerduo Department Store大尔多百货

Address: Tianma Road, Mengzi蒙自市天马路

Tel: 0873-3727666

4. Xiangsheng Leisure Shopping Mall翔升休闲购物广场

Address: No.31, Tianma Road, Wenlan Town, Mengzi蒙自市天马路31号

Tel: 0873-3792178