Midu County Accommodation

With a long history, Midu is a county with strong Chinese atmosphere in Yunnan. Midu accommodation is convenient and comfortable.You can choose different hotels according to your requirements.

Here are some hotels we provide for your reference.

Hengzhong Yuanquan Hotel(恒中源泉酒店)


Address:The north of Zhengtong Road, Midu County, Dali,China

Comment: It is the best hotel in Midu.

Yunzhishang Theme Hotel(云之尚主题酒店)


AddressNo. 32 Zhonghe Road, Midu Town, Jianchuan County, China

C0mment:The hotel has  well-equipped basic facilities and cheap price.

Taixin Garden Hotel(泰鑫花园酒店)


AddressNo.115  Xiaojia Village, Jianchuan County, China

C0mment:The hotel is very comfortable and the price is cheap.

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