Midu County Maps

Midu County (弥渡县; pinyin: Mídù Xiàn) is a county in the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture located in western Yunnan Province, China.The whole county covers an area of 1523 square kilometers and about 67 kilometers away from Dali City and 286 kilometers away from Kunming.

Midu County is under Dali County’s jurisdiction.There are 5 towns and 3 townships in Midu County:Micheng Town(弥城镇)、Xinjie Town(新街镇)、Hongyan Town(红岩镇)、Yinjie Town(寅街镇)、Juli Town(苴力镇)、Mizhi Toenship(密祉乡)、Deju Township(德苴乡)、Niujie Township(牛街彝族乡).