Mojiang County Overview

1. Basic Information of Mojiang County

  • Chinese Name: 墨江县
  • Area: 5,312 square kilometers
  • Population: 360,000(2010)
  • Zip code: 654800
  • Dialing code: (+86) 0879

2. Where is Mojiang County

Mojiang Hani Autonomous County(墨江哈尼族自治县) is located in the southern part of Yunnan Province, east of Pu'er City. It is located at 101°08′~102°04′ east longitude and 22°51′~23°59′ north latitude. It borders on Yuanjiang County, Yuxi and Honghe in the east, and faces Ninger County across Babianjiang River in the west, borders on Jiangcheng County in the south, Xinping County in the north, Lvchun County in the southeast, and Zhenyuan County in the northwest. It has a horizontal distance of 64 kilometers from east to west, a vertical distance of 135 kilometers from north to south, and a total area of 5,312 square kilometers.

3. Administrative Divisions of Mojiang County

Mojiang Hani Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 2 Towns, 13 Townships , 163 village committees, 5 residents committees.

  • 2 Towns: Lianzhu Town(联珠镇), Tongguan Town(通关镇)
  • 13 Townships: Yutang Yi Township(鱼塘彝族乡), Longtan Township(龙潭乡), Wenwu Township(文武乡), Jingxing Township(景星乡), Xinfu Township(新抚乡), Tuantian Township(团田乡), Sinanjiang Township(泗南江乡), Yayi Township(雅邑乡), Xinan Township(新安乡), Mengnong Yi Township(孟弄彝族乡), Longba Township(龙坝乡), Naha Township(那哈乡), Baliu Township(坝溜乡)

4. Ethnic People of Mojiang County

Mojiang is a multi-ethnic county with Hani as the main body. According to statistics in 1999, there were 3 ethnic groups including Hani, Han and Yi in the county with a total population of over 10,000. There were 3 ethnic groups with a total population of more than 1,000 but less than 10,000 people, including Dai, Lahu and Bulang. There were 19 ethnic groups with a total population of less than 1000, including Yao, Hui, Pumi, Bai, Zhuang. Ethnic minorities account for 73% of the total population, and Hani people account for 61.8% of the total population. It is the only Hani Autonomous County in the country.

5. Climate and Weather of Mojiang County

Mojiang County is located at low latitude and high altitude area. The 2/3 area of Mojiang Hani Autonomous County is located in the southern part of the Tropic of Cancer. One third of the area is northern part of the Tropic of Cancer. It belongs to the south subtropical semi-humid mountain monsoon climate. The seasons are not very clear. The seasons are like spring, and the dry and rainy seasons are obvious.

6. Best Time to Visit Mojiang County

It is suitable to visit Mojiang County all year round. Like many other cities in Yunnan, Mojiang is a place where the seasons are like spring. There is no cold, no heat, warm and humid, especially suitable for human habitation, so you can go to Mojiang at any time.

7. What to Do in Mojiang County

Within the territory, there are over 10 scenic plots such as the Twins Well(双胞胎井), Bixi Old Town(碧溪古镇), Mojiang Temple(墨江文庙), Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Sign Park(墨江北回归线标志园), Puyi Park(普益公园) and so on.

8. How to Get to Mojiang County

Mojiang County can be accessible by long-distance bus. There is a Passenger Transport Bus Station in Mojiang County. Tourists can take long-distance buses to Mojiang from Kunming, Jinggu, Jinghong, Simao, etc.

9. History of Mojiang County

Before 109 BC, the present Mojiang County was the southern boundary of the ancient Dai Country “Mengdaguang(勐达光)”(Ailao Country in Chinese).