Mojiang County Dining

What to Eat in Mojiang County

Mojiang Hani Autonomous County(墨江哈尼族自治县) is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er City, in southwestern Yunnan province, China. A large portion of the population are of Hani people, and Hani language is one of the official languages in the county. There are a large number of ethnic groups in Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, so the dishes are rich and unique such as,

1. Sticky Rice Cake

Hani Sticky Rice Cake is not only a tribute for the Hani people to worship the ancestors, but also a precious gift for visiting relatives and friends. It is a must-have item for all Hani people's festivals. It is made of high quality sticky rice or black rice produced in Hanishan Township. It is produced by the raw wood or stone.

2. Bamboo Tube Chicken

Cut the chicken into small pieces, put them directly into the prepared bamboo tube, add the appropriate amount of water, add salt, parsley and lemongrass, and cook on the charcoal; during the cooking process, continue to stir the chicken with the bamboo strips. In this way, the chicken absorbs the fragrance of the bamboo tube, the taste is particularly smooth, the meat is fine, and taste is sweet and delicious.

3. Shibeng Stewed Egg

Shibeng, also known as Baoshou, belongs to the group of Rana exilispinosa; the body is fat, the meat is fresh and sweet, and it has the effect of curing infantile malnutrition.

4. Boiling Tea in Bamboo Tube

The Hani people working in the mountains will pick up a few large ancient tea leaves, stuff them into the freshly cut sweet bamboo tube, put on the spring water, seal with Japanese banana leaf, put them on the fire, take them out after boiling, and pour them directly. Drink in a small cup made of bamboo. Boiling Tea in Bamboo Tube tea is not only sweet and mellow, but also a faint bamboo tube fragrance. It can be better served with sticky rice cake.

Where to Eat in Mojiang County

1.Fangzhou Restaurant(方舟餐厅)

Add: No. 323 National Highway,  Mojiang Hani Autonomous County(墨江哈尼族自治县323国道)
Tel: +86 879 924 0400

2. Antai Restaurant(安泰餐馆)

Add: No. 323 National Highway,  Mojiang Hani Autonomous County(墨江哈尼族自治县323国道)

3. Tianxi Restaurant(天溪餐厅)

Add:  Mojiang Hani Autonomous County(墨江哈尼族自治县)

More information about where to eat in Mojiang County, please click Mojiang Restaurant.

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