Mojiang County Shopping

What to Buy in Mojiang County

1. Mojiang Black Rice

The rice is named after purple and black, and it belongs to the xian-type black sticky rice. The Mojiang black rice is slender; it has good glutinous properties and high viscosity, and there is no phenomenon of broken rice after cooking. Black rice is full of nutrients, such as replenishing blood, tonifying spleen. Black rice can be cooked, and can also be processed into non-staple foods, such as black rice cake, black rice noodle, black rice Sanqi stewed chicken, black rice steamed chicken and so on. The average price is 15 yuan/kg. In 2007, Mojiang was awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Black Rice” by the Organizing Committee for the Promotion of China's Special Products.

2. Mojiang Black Rice Sealed Cylindered Wine

Tianxi Brand Black Rice Sealed Cylindered Wine, as the Black Rice series, won the gold medal of the Paris International Famous Wine Exhibition in 1992; won the special gold prize of the Panama World Expo in 1994. Tianxi Brand Zigu Wine and Black Rice Sealed Cylindered Wine were awarded the title of “China Famous Brand” in 2003 by the China Enterprise Brand Promotion Committee.

3. Mojiang Coffee

Mojiang Coffeehas good growing environment and good quality. Among them, the coffee beans produced by the Beibiao Coffee have been graded as the first-class boutique coffee by the Nester Product Master through the process of 'grading by washing, two-stage fermentation' and other processes. In the first Pu'er Coffee Bean Competition in May 2013, among the 29 samples of coffee green beans in counties (districts) of the city, three coffee masters with SCAA coffee master qualification from Beijing, Hong Kong, and the United States were judged, and Mojiang County's coffee beans were awarded SCAA Boutique Coffee Certification with the highest score of 82 points.

4. Puer Tea

Mojiang is one of the famous “Pu'er Tea” producing areas. As early as the Qing Daoguang four years (1824), the villagers of Mojiang Baliuyangba Village introduced the tea from Luchun. According to the history: ”Xuli Tea” produced by Xuli, Bixi District in the county has been listed as a tribute of the Qing Dynasty. The “Midi Tea” produced by Xinfu District is very popular among consumers due to its unique fragrance. The “Mojiang Yunzhen Tea”, which was successfully developed and put into production by Mojiang Tea Factory, won the 1982 High Quality Product Award in Simao (the present Puer). In 1985, it was listed as one of the eight famous teas in Yunnan Province. In 2003, “Lushui Xueya” won the gold medal in the second tea fair in Yunnan, China.

5. Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoots are one of the more famous local specialties of Mojiang. Especially,the sweet bamboo shoots are delicious food. The dried bamboo shoots processed with bitter bamboo shoots are also the special product of Mojiang. The supply and marketing department purchases thousands of kilograms a year. It is very popular among foreign consumers.

6. Mojiang Shellac

Shellac is a superior product of Mojiang County. It is the best raw material for defense industry raw materials, food preservation and food coloring. Earlier, during the Xianfeng Period of the Qing Dynasty (1861), there were records of the discovery and use of shellac. During the Republic of China, many businessmen went to Mojiang to acquire shellac and returned it to foreign countries. In the 1950s, 520,340 kg of shellac was produced, and in the 1960s it reached 3,582,285 kg, which caused concern of the central forestry department. In 1961, the Ministry of Forestry held a meeting of shellac in six districts in Mojiang to promote the cultivation technology of shellac. In the 1970s, the production of shellac reached 7,294,300 kilograms, which became the famous “Hometown of shellac”.

Where to Buy in Mojiang County

1. Mojiang Huigui Local Products Shop

Add: Huigui Park, Huigui Avenue, Mojiang County(墨江县回归大道回归花园)
Tel:  +86-0879-4237991

2. Mojiang Nianfeng Local Products Complex Shop

Add: Huigui Park, Gongshun Street, Lianzhu Town, Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, Puer City, Yunnan(云南省普洱市墨江哈尼族自治县联珠镇恭顺街回归花园)
Tel: 13887983096

3. Mojiang Hongli Local Products Business Department

Add: Lianzhu Town Government, Huigui Avenue, Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, Puer City, Yunnan(云南省普洱市墨江哈尼族自治县回归大道县联珠镇政府)
Tel: 13578176289

4. Mojiang Weili Local Products Business Department(墨江伟利土特产经营部)

Add: Northeast 100 meters of the Intersection of Nanzheng Street and Zijin Avenue(南正街与紫金大道交叉口东北100米)

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