Ninglang County Shopping

In the early days of the Founding of new China, the economic and social development of Ninglang county is very backward. With its development, a large number of key enterprises have grown and developed famous and excellent products with local characteristics. Here we introduce you some.

What to Buy?

1. Xiao Liangshan Apple(小凉山苹果)

It owns good quality and reasonable price. In 1990 and 1993, it won the first place in the Temperate Fruit Competition of Yunnan Province. In 1995, it won the gold award of the Second National Agricultural Exposition.

2. Lugu Lake Sake Wine(泸沽湖清酒)

Lugu lake sake is made of traditional techniques and pure grain. It has been awarded silver prize of "95 China Kunming New Technology & New Product Exhibition" and honored as "Top 10 Credible Wine in the Kunming World Expo", etc.

3. Sulima Wine(酥理玛酒)

Pale and yellow, this unique wine contains multiple nutritious substances, such as amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins. It has low alcohol contents, tastes sour and sweet with faint scent. It has the functions of refreshing oneself, enhancing appetite and promoting the secretion of saliva or body fluid.

4. Taxol(紫杉醇)

It is extracted from the rare taxus chinensis, which plays an important role in modern medicine.

5. Buckwheat Product

Buckwheat products are rich in starch, protein, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals and vitamin B1, with heat clearing and stomach-invigorating effect. It is a good gift for family and friends.

6. Green Thorn Fruit Oil(青刺果油)

Also known as prinsepia utilis Royle, capable of preventing and treating hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease, vascular sclerosis, liver disease and stomach illness, it is oil extracted from wild plant green thorn fruits, an original creation of The Mosuo people to the side Lugu lake.

Besides, there are "Nverzhen" preserved fruit and fruit vinegar, Wild Matsutake mushroom, bolete, etc.

Where to Buy?

1. Wansheng Mall(万盛商场)

Add: Road 307, Ninglang County, Lijiang city, Yunnan

2. Local Market

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