Niru Village Attractions

What to Visit in Niru Village

Niru is located in the northeastern part of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. There are many attractions around Niru Village, which are worthy your time, such as Niru Village, Qicai Waterfall, Nanbao Pasture, Shudu Lake. If you want to experience the primitive folk customs of Tibetans, Niru Village will be a good place to choose. There are many old trees and the stream sounds on the way. In the old-growth forest, listen to sounds of the wind coming through the forest. On the plateau meadow, watch the cattle and sheep leisurely grazing and strolling. In the mountains, listen to the whispering of the stream... Wish a vow to the Qicai Waterfall, lying in the arms of nature, watching the stars. For a person who likes hiking, although it is not very vigorous, it is a wonderful and special journey.