Niru Village Culture

Niru Village is located in the northeastern part of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The inhabitants in Niru Village are Tibetans.

1. Ethnic Group in Niru Village

In Niru Village, the inhabitants are Tibetans. Niru Village maintains a relatively primitive folk customs, which is a better place to experience the Tibetan lifestyle.

2.  Ethnic Festivals in Niru Village

In Niru Village, Horse Racing Festival and Dengba Festival are popular. These festivals are very important in the heart of Tibetans.

3. Ethnic Cuisine in Niru Village

Niru is a Tibetan village. The food is Tibetan style, buttered tea, highland barley wine, Tibetan rice cake, and yak jerky. 

4. Natual Villages in Niru Village

Niru Village is divided into four small natural villages, Niuyong (尼拥), Wuyong(吾拥), Tanggu(塘古) and Pula(普拉).