Niru Village Festivals and Events

Magical and magnificent mountains and rivers not only give birth to kind-hearted and expansive local people from different ethnic groups but also make the festival cultures here attractive, charming and unique.

Festivals and Activities in Niru Village

1. Horse Racing Festival (Tibetan)

Horse Racing Festival is celebrated from May 5th to May 7th of Chinese lunar calendar at Wufeng Mountain, which is 3,288m above the sea level. In the early morning, Tibetan people wearing their beautiful costumes and gather together, put up tents and prepare abundant picnics.

2. Dengba Festival (Niru Tibetan)

As one of the most traditional festivals with strong flavors, Dengba Festival is celebrated on every July 15th of Chinese lunar calendar. On that day, people with beautiful costumes hold a ceremony to worship the Mountain God, Fairy Cave and Yumani Sutra to pray for a good harvest. Besides, horse racing, bullfight and Guozhuang Dancing performance are also held.