Niru Village Dining

What to Eeat in Niru Village

Niru is a Tibetan village. The food is Tibetan style, buttered tea, highland barley wine, Tibetan rice cake, and yak jerky. These are daily staple foods. However, if you come here in July and August, there will be a special food. During the period, the mountainous area near Niru is rich in tricholoma matsutake. It is the kind of mushroom known as the "king of mushrooms" in Japan. It is considered as edible fungus. According to the local cooking method, the fresh tricholoma matsutake and green peppers are fried together, so you can't forget the taste of the delicious food, of course, it is very cheap. In addition, the fish of Luoji Township is also very delicious, and is worth trying.

Where to Eat in Niru Village

Becuase Niru is a small place, there are fewer restaurants. Therefore, visitors mostly have meals in the local Tibetan houses.

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