Niru Village Transportation

How to Get to Niru Village

By Air

If you are from some big cities, such as Beijing and Guangzhou, it is recommended to fly to Shangri-La and then transfer from Shangri-La to Luoji Township. There are two buses to Luoji Townshi. Finally, you can charter a car to Niru Village at the price of 150-200 yuan (for reference only) 

By Train

The Yunnan-Tibet Railway under planning stretches to Lhasa in Tibet from Kunming in Yunnan Province. The ideal for the construction of Yunnan-Tibet Railway had been brought up early in 1990s. It is recorded that the Chinese railway experts proposed four schemes on the railway to Tibet, including the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, Yunnan-Tibet Railway, Gansu-Tibet Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Railway. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway scheme was carried out firstly for its construction is relatively easier compared to the Yunnan-Tibet Railway.

By Long-distance Bus

 Shangri-Luoji Township-Niru Village

There are to shuttle buses to Luoji Township from the Shangri-La Passenger Transport Station per day. When you arrive in Luoji Township, you can charter a car to Niru Village at the price of 150-200 yuan (for reference only). (It is 80 kilometers from Shangri-La to Luoji Township at the price of 20 yuan (for reference only). It is 30 kilometers from Luoji Township to Niru Village)

By Horse

When you arrive in Luoji Township, if you do not want to charter a car to Niru Village, horse riding will be a better way to Niru Village.

By Hiking

For those who like hiking, hiking will be a good way to get to Niru Village, which will take 8 hours.

By Cycling

For those who like cycling, cycling is a good transportation means to get to Niru Village. If it is rainy, some road conditions are not good, so pay attention to the weather.

How to Get Around Niru Village

Car Rental

Renting a car is suitable for a flexible and comfortable way. If there are enough people in your group to share the expense, it is better for you to rent a car with an experienced driver and a tour guide if you are foreign travelers. If you want to have more fun on the way, renting a car is highly recommended way. The driver of chartering car can stop for you to enjoy the scenery and take photos. But a tourist bus will not stop on the way.