Nuodeng Ancient Town Festivals and Events

There are many festivals in Nuodeng.

Confucius Memorial Ceremony

Every year, NuoDeng Village held Confucius Memorial Ceremony to commemorate the birth of Confucius and to inherit and promote local culture.

Visiting Three Spirits

Each year, on the 23rd day of the fourth lunar month, the people don festival clothes, carry willow branches, rattle sticks in their hands, blow whistles from tree leaves, pluck three-stringed instruments and beat octagonal drums as they proceed to the three temples.

Bai Torch Festival

Different from the Yi people, the Bai ethnic Torch Festival takes place one day later, i.e. on 24 lunar June. It is held to commemorate the fiery foundation of the Nanzhao kingdom. 

Benzhu Worship Festival 

Benzhu Worship Festival is a religious festival of the Bai people of Dali. The Benzhu is a unique religious belief of the Bai people in Dali. Benzhu is the protector of villages.