Pingbian County Climate

Pingbian Miao Autonomous County enjoys a subtropical humid mountain monsoon climate, due to the influence of topography and landforms, with obvious characteristics of mountain climate. Rainfall is less in winter and more in summer.

Precipitation and Temperature

In 2013, annual average temperature in Pingbian Miao Autonomous County was 16.5℃, annual rainfall was 1650 mm on average, and humidity of 87%. The sunshine duration was 1555 hours. Moreover, located at low latitude and influenced by the warm and humid air flow from southeastern ocean, Pingbian county is humid and rainy in summer.

The Best Time to Visit Pingbian County

Tour is available all the year round in Pingbian County. However, the rainy season in Honghe prefecture is mainly from May to October, and from late November to January and February of the following year is the frost period. Therefore, tour in Honghe prefecture should avoid the summer and autumn, which are raining and hot during the same period. The best time to visit Pingbian county is March to April and September to November, when the sunshine is mild and the rainfall is less.

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