Pingbian County Dining

In addition to rich tropical fruits, there are some local specialties you must taste when you are traveling in Pingbian County. In this part, we will introduce some local specialties and where you can get them in Pingbian County. 

What to Eat in Pingbian County

1. Colored Rice花米饭

Colored rice is the flavor food for traditional folk culture festival of Pingbian Zhuang minority on the 3rd day of 3rd lunar month. Choosing high-quality sticky rice, soaking and dying with natural materials, it is nontoxic and pollution-free.

2. Baihe Cooling Chicken白河凉鸡

Baihe Cooling Chicken is a famous brand in the diet flavor of Pingbian, choosing local chicken which hasn't laid and crowed, cooking with natural mineral water. Eating with specially-made sour, sweet and spicy Chilli Zhanshui小米辣蘸水, it is the top in the pingbian county banquet and delicacies, deeply loved by the masses.

3. Ass Meat驴肉

Ass meat has the reputation of "dragon meat in the sky, ass meat on the ground". The protein content of ass meat is higher than that of beef and pork, while the fat content is very low. It is an ideal healthy food with high protein and low fat.

4. Dried Chilli Chicken干椒辣子鸡

Dried chilli chicken selects local free-range chicken in the villages around Daweishan mountain as ingredient. It has the characteristics of spicy and fresh flavor, lasting aftertaste and refreshing appetizer. It is a delicacy for entertaining guests, as well as a good gift for relatives and friends.

5. Pingbian Fried River Fish屏边油炸河鱼

Fried river fish is a crispy and spicy dish, which goes well with Wine. With good nutritional value, original, crispy and delicious taste, it is a nutritional ecological fish.

Where to Eat in Pingbian County

1. Weeks Western Restaurant威克斯西餐厅

Address: Weiguo Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县卫国路

Tel: 0873-8888668

2. Zhaotong Gastrodin Ham Chicken Hotpot昭通天麻火腿鸡火锅

Address: Yonghe Commercial Pedestrian Street, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇永和商业步行街

Tel: 15187391500

3. Kaihua Snack开化小吃

Address: No.27, Weiguo Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县卫国路27号

4. Zhengxin Chicken Steak正新鸡排

Address: No.24, Jianshe Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县建设路24号

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