Pingbian County Shopping

Geographical coordinate of Pingbian County is 22°49'-23°23' north latitude, belongs to low latitude and tropical area with sufficient heat, which is suitable for fruit growth. There are fruits in four seasons, including banana, pineapple, litchi, kiwi fruit and so on. If you are a fruit lover, Pingbian county could be your shopping paradise. Pingbian County shopping will give a brief introduction to these fruits.

What to Buy in Pingbian County

1. Pingbian Kiwi屏边猕猴桃

Pingbian kiwi is the specialty of Pingbian county of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan. Pingbian Kiwi was introduced from Cangxi County of Sichuan Province, and successfully planted. After the Chinese red kiwi fruit中华红心猕猴桃 planted in Pingbian county was put into the market, it was deeply loved by consumers. The market is in short supply, and the development prospect is broad.

2. Pingbian Litchi屏边荔枝

Pingbian litchi is the specialty of Pingbian county of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan. Because of the special climate, litchi in Pingbian County is ripen one month earlier than Guangdong and Guangxi regions, and the most delicious "Feizixiao妃子笑" litchi is also famous for its bright fruit color, small seeds, thick fresh and thin skin, as well as sweet and mild fragrance.

3. Pingbian Banana屏边香蕉

Pingbian banana is the specialty of Pingbian county of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan. In Pingbian County, highest elevation is 2590 meters, the lowest elevation is 154 meters, the highest annual average temperature is 21.5 ℃, minimum annual average temperature is 7 ℃, annual average temperature is 16.5 ℃. All these conditions are very beneficial to the growth and development of banana.

4. Pingbian Pineapple屏边菠萝

Pingbian pineapple is the specialty of Pingbian county of Honghe Prefecture in Yunnan. Baihe Town is the main area for pineapple cultivation. With sweet and slightly sour flavor, rich nutrition, essential vitamins and micro elements for the body, pingbian pineapple is favored by local people.

5. Pingbian Miao Costume屏边苗族服饰

Miao minority in Pingbian County has five branches, Qing Miao, Hua Miao, Hei Miao, Bai Miao and Lv Miao. They all have their own costumes. With the development of society, women's costumes of Miao minority changed a lot, the old costumes are basically not left.

Where to Buy in Pingbian County

1. Tongxinyuan Supermarket同心圆超市

Address: Wenhua Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边县玉屏镇文化路

Tel: 0873-3221923

2. Xinxing Department Store新兴百货店

Address: No.75, Jianshe Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县建设路75号

3. Tianxin House甜心屋

Address: The Crossroad of Weiguo Road and Yanhe Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县卫国路与沿河路交叉口

Tel: 15087300146

4. Pingbian Specialty Wholesale屏边特产批发

Address: No.28, Renmin Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县人民路28号

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