Pingbian County Travel Tips

Pingbian County travel tips provide some considerations when traveling in Pingbian County, which can help you to prepare a trip.

Useful Numbers

Fire: 119                   

Police: 110               

Ambulance: 120

Postal Code: 661200                 

Tourist Service: 12301

Weather Forecast: 121               

Area Code: 0873(+86)

Consumer Complaint: 12315   

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114

Tourist Complaint: 0873-3224899

The Best Time to Visit Pingbian County

Enjoying the subtropical mountain monsoon climate, tour is available all the year round in Pingbian County. However, in order to avoid the moist and hot summer, and avoid suffering possible natural disasters, the best time to travel is March to April and September to December. With clear and temperate weather during these months, tourists can go to Yuanyang & Jianshui and pay a visit to Hani rice terrace & Jianshui ancient town.

How to Get in and Around Pingbian County

The main means of transportation in Pingbian County is the long-distance bus and train. Airport is not available now. The transportation in Pingbian is convenient, you can take long-distance bus or train from Kunming to Pingbian County directly. When you are getting around Pingbian County, bus and taxi are conveniently available.

Dressing and Sunscreen

Pingbian County lies in low-latitude plateau, ultraviolet ray is strong during sunny days, you need to bring sunglasses, sun cream and sunhat to prevent the strong sunshine. almost the whole county is mountainous, you should also bring coats to prevent a cold because of the large temperature difference between daytime and night, especially in Winter.


In mountainous areas, natural disasters, such as mountain torrents, landslides and mud-rock flows, occur from time to time. You'd better not go out during rainy days.


You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in some branches of Bank of China in this city.

Agricultural Bank of China(ABC)中国农业银行

Address: No.3, Renmin Road, Pingbian county屏边苗族自治县人民路3号

Tel: 0873-3221296 

Post Offices

1. China Post Office中国邮政屏边邮电局

Address: No.88, Jianshe Road, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县建设路88号

 Tel: 0873-3221104

2. Postal and Saving Bank of China中国邮政储蓄银行

Address: No.27, Weiguo Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇卫国路27号

Tel: 0873-3221964


1. Xinhua Bookstore新华书店

Address: No.78, Jianshe Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇建设路78号

Tel: 0873-3225355

2. Pingbian Bookstore屏边书城

Address: No.2, Yanhe Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇沿河路2号


1. People's Hospital of Pingbian County屏边县人民医院

Address: No.27, Renmin Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇人民路27号

Tel: 0873-3221498

2. Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Pingbian County妇幼保健院

Address: 屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇卫国路27号

Tel: 0873-3221362


Pingbian No.1 Middle School

Address: No.40, Jianshe Road, Yuping Town, Pingbian County屏边苗族自治县玉屏镇建设路40号