Puzhehei Overview

‣ Introduction

As one of the hottest tourist destinations in Southeast Yunnan, Puzhehei was approved as National AAAA tourist scenic spot in 2009. It has been named as the National Wetland Park in 2012. 'Puzhehei’ in the Yi language, means ‘a pond teeming with fish and shrimp. In the Puzhehei, the beautiful lakes and mountains composed a beautiful scenery for your eyes. There are 68 Karst Lakes and over 300 mountain peaks. It is also named "the Guilin in Yunnan” which means the most beautiful place in Yunnan. Colorful costumes, traditional villages and a real sense of continuity with the past mark this pastoral area as a nice alternative to some of the more heavily trafficked tourist spots. The limpid lakes, countless green hills, flourishing lotus flowers and small villages side by side attract hundreds of thousands of tourist every year.

‣ Basic Information of Puzhehei

● Chinese Name: 普者黑

● English Name: Puzhehei

● Key Words: Puzhehei Scenic Region in Qiubei County, Wenshan

● Area: 388 square kilometers

●Opening Time: All Day

●Recommended Visit Time: 2 to 3 days

●Recommended Travel Season: Summer & Autumn (June - September)


Puzhehei, 11 km from Qiubei County, covering an area of 85 square km, is a basin scenic area with some 300 green isolated peaks fringing the banks of the lakes. It is in the southeast Yunnan, which is karst landform.

‣ Climate 

The climate is warm and temperate in Puzhehei. The rainfall in Puzhehei is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This climate is considered to be Cfa according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification. In Puzhehei, the average annual temperature is 17.4 °C. In a year, the average rainfall is 971 mm.


Hotels around Puzhehei Tourist Area are easy to find, ranging from star hotel to a budget hostel. You can lie down leisurely on a coach or a big bed, enjoying the fascinating landscape at the same time. As It’s the peak season from June to October, the price of the hotel may increase greatly and the hotels are in short supply. If you're visiting Puzhehei Scenic Area with the family or in a large group, be sure to check out the room options and facilities we list for each hotel to ensure available hotels.

‣ Transportation

The Puzhehei Scenic Area is situated in the northwest of Qiubei County of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) away from the County Town. Puzhehei can be reached from Kunming by different methods. The highly-recommended way is to take a high-speed train. In general, Puzhehei enjoys favorable transportation.

‣ Attraction

The enchanting Puzhehei scenic area features hundreds of green karstland formations surrounded with crystal clear waters providing breathtaking views. It attracts thousands of tourists & medias and becomes a top vacation spot. You can enjoy the shining lotus flowers and boundless lotus leaves as well as some mysterious caves in great numbers. It is praised as “a small Guilin” and some people think it’s more prettier than Guilin. Puzhehei offers Luoshuidong Lake Scenic Area, Dajianshan Scenic Area, Swan lake in Puzhehei, Xianrendong Village in Puzhehei and Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village in Puzhehei, Wenshan.

‣ What to Eat

  1. Drunken Shrimp( 醉 虾 )
  2. Lotus root starch (藕粉 ) 
  3. Red Kidney Beans (红腰豆)
  4. Sour Soup chicken (酸汤鸡)
  5. Lotus Banquet  (莲花宴)

‣ What to Buy

  1. Qiubei chili( 丘北辣椒 )
  2. Lotus Root Starch(藕粉)
  3. Nijiao Liquor(腻脚酒)
  4. Kidney Beans(红腰豆)