Qilin District Dining

There are a lot of foods that people can have a taste. Qilin people are outgoing and they like to except the outside culture and try them best to make the different cultures meld with each other. At the same time, their food cultures have been colorful and they create many new products.

What to eat

Qujing Steamed cake thread(曲靖蒸饵丝)

The time of this kind of food in Qujing can be traced back to the 80s of last century. At that time, there was a restaurant in the Qujing City College Street. Although it was not large, the  unique flavors are attracted many people came to teast. Customers who like spicy food can also put oil on their own, and finally mix well to eat. 

Qujing Leek flower(曲靖韭菜花)

This is a specialty in Qujing. It was created during the Qing Guangxu period. It is exquisite and fragrant. It is crisp, sweet, sweet, salty, spicy palatability, all kinds of flavour make it popular to most people. It is one of the treasures in the pickles.

Where to eat

1.Grandma taste (Xiyuan shop) (外婆味道(西苑店))
Tel: 0874-3915566;0874-3135566
Address: No.S20, Building 203, Cuifeng Commercial Pedestrian Street, Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province (next to Sanyuan City) (云南省曲靖市麒麟区翠峰商业步行街203栋S20号(三元名城旁))

2.Yunnan People's Home (云南人家)
Tel: 0874-3226899
Address: 50 meters south of Hebin Road, Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province(云南省曲靖市麒麟区阳光花园南苑公务员小区斜对面)

3.Zhihuiyuan Yuanzi Chicken (Sunshine Shop) (志晖园圆子鸡(阳光店))
Tel: 0874-3105999;0874-3105666
Address: Opposite to the Nanyuan Civil Service Community, Sunshine Garden, Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province(云南省曲靖市麒麟区阳光花园南苑公务员小区斜对面)

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