Qilin District Shopping

When people come to Qilin, it is necessary to take some local specialty products. Qilin's local specialty products are didderent from the other places of Qujing, and they make their unique ways to differ from others and create some new industries. People can get these products from the local shops and some markets.

What to buy

Qujing Leek flower(韭菜花)

This is a specialty in Qujing. It was created during the Qing Guangxu period. It is exquisite and fragrant. It is crisp, sweet, sweet, salty, spicy palatability, all kinds of flavour make it popular to most people. It is one of the treasures in the pickles.


The soil, climate, ecology of Qujing are suitable for planting blueberries. It has the unique advantage of maturing blueberry from April to May to make up for the seasonal gap in the national market.

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