Qilin District Transportation

Qilin district has a convenient transportation system. There are long-distance buses, trains, taxis, buses and minibus for people to get out and around. 

How to get in

1.Long-Distance Bus

Qujing Passengers Station

Tel: 0874-3380959

Address: Near Jiaotong Road, Qilin District, Qujing City, Yunnan Province (云南省曲靖市麒麟区交通路附近)

Long-distance bus is one of the main way for passengers who want to travel afar.


  •  Qujing Train Station
    Address: Jianing West Road, Qilin District, Qujing City
    Tel: 0874-6129958;0874-3511547
  • Qujing Northern Train Station
    Address: 023 Town Road, Zhanyi District, Qujing City

QuJing Railway Station is located in Jianning West Road, Qilin District. It was built in 1966. It is an important hub for passenger and freight transportation on Guiyang Kunming railway. The Guiyang Kunming railway has entered from the ZhanYi Railway Station and westward to Dahaizi station.

How to Get Around

1.Taxi and Buses

In the counties, buses run on the main street, it will not take you much time on the bus, because the urban area is not too big. Taxi is convenient for someone who get into emergency, the starting price is cheap. However, people would like to take buses or motorbike in the county seat rather than taxi.


Minibus is the principle way for local people to travel a short distance. Passengers may wait for a minibus on the highway or just call the driver. Usually, the minibus will take you anywhere you want to go in a short distance, and the price is cheap.