Qiubei County Dining

Qiubei, as the place of diverse ethnic groups, enjoys the dinning culture of different groups. It provides the unique flavor with the local material. The famous Qiubei snacks includes Pretzel(椒盐饼), Wentao Rice noodles(温淘米线), Fried Baba(油炸粑), Hummus Baba(豆沙粑粑), all of those can be find in Puzhehei. In Qiubei County, Qiubei grape(丘北葡萄), Drunken Shrimp( 醉 虾 )Lotus root starch (藕粉 ) Red Kidney Beans (红腰豆) and Sour Soup chicken (酸汤鸡) are the specialties that you should not miss.


Qiubei Grape丘北葡萄

Qiubei grape Qiubei grape is a specialty of Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. There are many kinds of Qiubei grape, including red grape, crystal grape, rose honey. The products are sold to Guangdong, Guangxi,  Hongkong, Shenzhen etc.


Drunken Shrimp 醉 虾

Puzhehei, as the national science spot in Yunnan, not only attracted visitors with charming landscapes but also attracted by folk snacks. Drunken Shrimp is an traditional dish in Qiubei for generation to generation. It is one dish for Qiubei people to treat customs, you  share not miss it.


Sour Soup Chicken 酸汤鸡

If you come Qiubei county, fish clear soup, dog soup pot and sour soup chicken are three local characteristics dishes . 


Qiubei Chili  丘北辣椒 

Qiubei chili was originated from tropical area of America continent and been introduced into China since the middle of the 16th century. Qiubei has a long history of over 300 years to plant chili. The chili planted in Qiubei with high quality and values because of its unique climate and soil conditions. Qiubei Chili is renowned at home and abroad for its unique characters of  red fresh color, pure spicy taste and its high nutrition values, especially its smell and taste are  pretty unique and tempting. 


Lotus Root Starch 藕粉 

The ripe period of Lotus seeds and Lotus fruit  is 9-10 months of Puzhehei. In Pushehei there are million acre louts.


Red Kidney Beans 红腰豆

Red Kidney Beans in Nijiao has a long history of cultivar. Red Kidney Beans in the Qiubei mountain area are also sold to many provinces in China and to other countries and regions such as Korea and Malaysia.

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