Shidian County Travel Tips

1.Useful Numbers

  • Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120
  • Weather Forecast: 121
  • Tourist complaint:  0875-96927; 0875-2122583
  • Baoshan Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0875-2232266

2.Post Offices

There are more than 10 post offices serving in the Shidian County of Baoshan. Here we just introduce part of them.

  • Shidian Post Office

Add: No.201, Dianyang Middle School, Dianyang Town, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8121051

  • Shuichang Post Office

Add: Shuichang Township, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8825044

  • Renhe Post Office

Add: Renhe Street, Renhe Township, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8825044


You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in some banks in this county.

  • People's Bank of China

Add: Northwast to the government of Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8121031

  • China Construction Bank

Address: Dianyang East Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8121834

4.Book Store

  • Shidian County Xinhua Book Store(施甸县新华书店)

Address: No.40, Xunyang Town, Shidian County, Baoshan(保山市施甸县甸阳镇040号)

  • Daqian Book Store(大千书店)

Address: Xunyang Middle Road, Shidian County, Baoshan(保山市施甸县甸阳中路)

Tel: 0875-8127229


  • Shidian People's Hospital

Add: No.68, Shigu East Road, Dianyang Town, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8121656

  • Kangji Hospital

Add: North side of Shidian County Post Office, Shidian County, Baoshan

Tel: 0875-8125115

6.How to Get to Shidian

The main means of transportation in Shidian county is the long-distance bus. You can also take the flight to Baoshan or Tengchong and then take the bus to Shidian.

7.Best Time to Visit Shidian

Without severe cold in winter and burning hot in summer, Shidian county has a warm and comfortable climate all year round. So four seasons are good for traveling.

8.What to Visit

Currently, Shidian Attractions mainly includes Shanzhou Forest Farm(AAA level), Shipiao Hot Spring Scenic Area(AA level), Yaoguan Ecological Town, Shanzhou Characteristic Smalltown, Banlang Characteristic Smalltown, Yeyahu Wetland, etc. Besides, there are 2 ethnic towns and 12 traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the ethnic culture.