Shilin County Shopping

When it comes to Shilin County's specialty, there are not only Shilin Fermented Bean Curd with unique flavor, but also Shilin unique Ethnic and Folk Musical Instruments. We list some specialties worth buying in Shilin County.

What to Buy?

Ethnic and Folk Musical Instruments

Stone forest is known as the land of song and dance, Sani people can sing and dance, the use of Musical Instruments are also unique. The main instruments are Erhu, Sanhu, long bamboo flute, short bamboo flute, flute, Yuqin, Hulusi and so on.

Lunan Peach Blossom Embroidery

Lunan Peach Blossom Embroidery is a traditional Sani handicraft with a long history. It is a kind of embroidery, with cross flowers to decorate satchel, clothing, headscarf, etc.

Sani Embroidery

Sani embroidery is a unique technique, which has a long history. There are many techniques, such as pick, embroider, complement, accept, button and single side, double-sided embroidery. From an early age, sani women inherited the skills of cultivating, weaving, weaving, sewing and embroidering by their elders, and took embroidery as a standard to measure women's talent.

Shilin Fermented Bean Curd(石林腐乳)

Shilin tofu is of excellent quality because it uses Bajiang River’s water. There are two kinds of fermented bean curd in stone forest: one is called oil Fermented Bean Curd, which is mixed with vegetable oil, salt and other ingredients. Another is called wine Fermented Bean Curd, which is mixed with wine, pepper powder, salt and other ingredients.

Where to Buy?

Yunnan Shilin Specialty(云南石林特产) is located in No.84 of Lianhua Road in Shilin County.

Shilin Specialty Store(石林特产专卖店) is located in Maibao Road of Shilin County.

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