Simao District Dining

What to Eat in Simao District

1. Lemon Chinese Rice Pudding

Lemon Chinese rice pudding is used as a snack on festive feasts. The main feature is that the color is rich, taste is sweet.First, the glutinous rice is steamed according to the method of steaming rice. Then prepare a larger bowl and apply a layer of lard to the bottom of the bowl so that it won't stick to the bowl until the Chinese rice pudding is steamed. Then, the preserved fruit, Chinese chestnut, peanut, and walnut are arranged in a pattern according to your preference. When placing it, be careful. Pay attention to the shape and color combination. Therefore, the Chinese rice pudding will be more beautiful.

2. Braising a Fish with Sour Bamboo Shoot

Braising a fish with sour bamboo shoot is a popular dish in Simao District, which is characterized by sour and spicy. The method is to remove the fish scale and remove the internal organs and then fry the fish with the color of golden yellow, then put the fried sour bamboo into the water. After boiling, put the fish and add the onion, ginger, pepper, Sichuan pepper, aginomoto and other condiments. Finally, a delicious fish is finished.

3. Steamed Rice Roll

As the Simao sepcial snacks, the main raw materials are rice roll, lemon, pepper, soy sauce, saltSimao special snacks glutinous rice dried, its main raw materials: rice, lemon, pepper, soy sauce, salt, aginomoto, onion.

4. Chicken Tofu

There still is a traditional dish called “chicken tofu” in Simao District, which is fresh and delicious on the wedding banquet. According to legend, it has been more than 100 years old. Its raw materials are mainly chicken and eggs. The method is to use the back of the knife to gently rub the chicken breast horizontally and repeatedly, mix the appropriate starch, then tune the egg yolk, and then gently adjust the egg and then gently knock it, then add the chicken soup without oil, put it in the pot and simmer slowly, boil it into water tofu, take it out, sprinkle with the prepared egg slices, ham, chopped green onion and other ingredients. It is like a fresh pig's brain. It tastes fresh and slightly sweet. It is tasted with a spoon. It is loved by men, women and children. The nutritional value is very high. People who want to go to Simao like to taste it.

Where to Eat in Simao District

There are so many restaurants in Simao district. Following up is the list of some restaurant, you may not miss the delicious food. So, enjoy your dinner in Simao district.

1. Deyuan Restaurant(德圆餐厅)

Address:  No.18 of Meiyuan Road, Simao District(思茅区梅园路18号)

2. Yani Restaurant(雅伲餐厅)

Address: Simao District, Pu’er Prefecture(普洱市思茅区)
Tel: 15008746325

3. Longke Restaurant(龙客饭店)

Address:No.69 of Siting Road, Simao District(思茅区思亭路69号)
Tel: 15925273747

4. Dailong Restaurant(傣龙餐厅)

Address:No.34 of Yushui Road, Simao District(思茅区鱼水路34)
Tel: 13769077984

5. Mohei Restaurant(磨黑饭店)

Address:No.6 of Siting Road, Simao District(思茅区思亭路6号)
Tel: 13187930583

More Restaurants in Simao District

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