Weishan County Dining

Weishan food is different from the one in other places. All the foods talked about below are the representatives of local food.    

1. Small Green Bean Cake

Small green bean cake is a kind of the most local characteristics of Weishan snacks, The characteristics of Small green bean cake are green color, soft texture,and green beans aroma.

2.Glazed Fruits (mì jiàn蜜饯)

Glazed fruit is a well-known native product of Weishan County. It is made of natural plant roots, flowers and fruits. It is impregnated with medium honey and made under the sun. It has the function of rickety and fitness.


Erkuai is a type of rice cake particular to the Yunnan Province of southwest China. It is often served stir-fried with vegetables, a fiery mixture of dried red chilies, Sichuan pepper, and salt. Roast Erkuai is particularly popular in the tourist area of Dali.

4.Parou Ersi(扒肉饵丝)

Dali Parou Ersi is a unique snack in the Weishan Yi Hui Autonomous County. According to legend, when King Piluoge had used it to treat Datang envoys, so it became more and more famous from that time.

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