Weixi County Climate


Weixi Lisu Autonomous County is located in the low latitude plateau, which belongs to the subtropical and temperate monsoon plateau mountain climate. It is characterized by: long winter without summer, spring first, then autumn. The biggest differences include cold and warm, dry and wet, and large and small rainy season. Because of the complex geological structure, the large altitude difference, and the uneven distribution of light, temperature and precipitation, it forms a three-dimensional climate. The average annual sunshine duration is 2,104.5 hours; the annual average temperature is 15.3℃, the lowest is -1.5℃; the annual average precipitation is 938.11 mm, the precipitation days are between 100 and 160 days; the annual average pressure is 767.4~773.3 mm. The annual average wind speed is 1.3 m/s. The annual average frost period of 169 days. The annual average snowfall is 11 days.

Best Time to Visit Weixi 

The climate in Weixi County is long winter without summer. Spring first, then autumn begins. Every season is the best time to visit Weixi County, every season has different view. The lowest temperature is -1.5℃, it is not very chill, and you just wear thin down jacket.

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