Weixin County Climate

Weixin(威信) is a county with a lot of mountains and rivers. In its’ territory, the highest elevation is 1902 meters and the lowest is 480 meters. This kind of geographical condition gives great influence to its’ climate. Weixin county belongs to subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 13.3℃, and the annual average sunshine reaches 1033 hours, and the precipitation ranges from 900-1100 mm per year. The characteristics of this kind of climate list as below:  the difference between seasons is not sharp but the diversity on vertical is obvious, short in summer and long in winter, not very hot in summer nor serve cold in winter, but warm in spring and autumn and so on.

Best time to visit

People can go to Weixin at any time, but it is better to go in Spring, Summer and Winter. The weather is good to visit the attractions and people can enjoy different views.

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