Weixin County Dining

Weixin county(威信县) is rich in snacks and local dishes. Lies in the northeast part of Yunnan province, the eating pattern of Weixin people is deeply influenced by Sichuan cuisine, however, in the long process of developing and communicating, Weixin people has formed their own eating habits and local cuisine. There are some presenting dishes of Qiaojia county:

Prestige sour fish(威信酸鱼)

The unique flavor and authentic Weixin sour fish is only produced in the fish caves, Baishui, Qinglong, Luobu and other villages in the Luobu River Basin of Weixin County. Water is the elf that contains everything. The Luobu River is far away from the hustle and bustle, wanders back and forth between the adjacent hills. The philosophies of "the water is so clear that there is no fish" in the clear stream of the Luobu River, has disappeared silently by the crucians.

Weixin Sour and Spicy Dumpling Noodles(威信酸辣饺面)

Weixin Sour and Spicy Dumpling Noodle is a delicious snack. The dumplings are simmered, and the noodles are thin as hair. The noodles are artificially cooked with flour and eggs and dough. It is thin, fluffy suede, delicate and delicious, chewy and lubricated.

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