Weixin County Transportation

Weixin county has a convenient transportation system, the county’s road system is being completed. Long-distance bus is the main way for local people who want to travel afar, and there are also taxi, bus and minibus. Most citizens have a motorbike while some people prefer bike.

How to get in

1.Long-Distance Bus

Weixin Passengers Station

Address: on the Changzheng Road in Weixin county

In Weixin county, long-distance bus is one of the main way for passengers who want to travel afar. To Kunming, there is one classe long-distance bus everyday, to take you 10 or 11 hours to arrive in Kunming by bus. In addition, Weixin passenger station also departs buses heading for Zhaotong city and other counties of Zhaotong municipality.

How to get around

1.Buses and Taxi

In the county seat, there are buses on the main street, and it is very convenient , because the urban area is not very big. Weixin county also has buses arrive at towns or townships under its’ administer. Taxi is also a reliable way in a short distance, and the starting fare is cheap. You may wait for a taxi on the road side. However, local people prefer buses and motorbike to taxi.


Short-distance bus is the main way for local people to travel around in a short distance. You may wait a minibus on the highway or give the driver a phone call. The price of a minibus is cheap. The driver will send you to anywhere you want to go in the county.


As the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, bicycle is going to enjoy great popularity among citizens, especially students and office workers. By the way, bicycle is a good choice for outgoing and hiking.