Wenshan City Culture

Wenshan is highly diverse. According to a local saying, "Han and Hui live by the market, Zhuang and Dai live by the water, Miao and Yi live on the mountains, and Yao live among the bamboos." The Wenshan Prefecture Gazetteer 文山壮族苗族自治州志 (2000) lists the following Gelao ethnic subdivisions in Wenshan Prefecture. The Gelao of Wenshan are also locally known as the Laobazi 老巴子 or Bazi 巴子. Wenshan also enjoys the brilliant and priceless art culture, like drum dance, Zhuang brocard, Miao embroidery and Zhuang drama etc. In general, the diverse ethnic culture of Wenshan is one of the tourism highlight.


Yi People’s  Hualian Festival 彝族花脸节
Tiaogong Festival 跳宫节
Panwang Featival 盘王节
Dabei  Featival 打背节 
Caihua shan 踩花山 
Huajie (Flower Street) Festival 花街


Ethnic Town

Dongshan Yi Ethnic Township(东山彝族乡)

Liujing Yi Ethnic Township(柳井彝族)

Baxi Yi Ethnic Township (坝心彝族乡)

Binglie Yi Ethnic Township(秉烈彝族乡)

Hongdian Hui Ethnic Township(红甸回族乡)