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Wenshan accomodation has wide range of choices of hotels. Traveling in Wenshan and surrounding areas, you can easily find many hotels. But how to choose a good one is becoming a question especially for tourists abroad. In order to avoid this situation, here we selected the most comfortable and best valued hotels for you, including Wenshan 5-star hotel, Wenshan 4-star hotels, boutique hotels and inns. We will book hotels for you according to your preference.

Recommended Hotels in Wenshan

The Best Luxury 5-star Hotels inWenshan

  • Fenghuang Jinjiang Hotel in Wenshan (文山凤凰锦江酒店)
    Address:No.99 Fenghuang Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan 文山市凤凰路99号
    Comment:It is close to the Hualong Lake, Wenshan Museum. It is convenient for you to travel. Hotel is decorated with the Chinese and Western styles. The well-equipped hotel gives you the leisure and relaxing stay.
  • Huaxi Hotel in Wenshan(文山华锡酒店)
    Address:Near Wenshan University, Jianmin Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan
    Comment: Wenshan Huaxi Hotel is a garden courtyard leisure hotel according to the national star hotel standard. Located in the cultural and commercial center of Wenshan, hotel enjoys the theme of afforestation of trees and modern European architecture in the mid-mountains, represented by the unique beauty of the trinity of forest oxygen bar, scenery under the shade and favorable house.

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The Best Comfortable 4-Star Hotels in Wenshan

  • Yunshuiju Inn in Puzhehei (普者黑云水居客栈)
    Address:No.13 Yunshang  Shuixiang, Qiubei County, Qiubei County, Wenshan 丘北 云上水乡13号
  • Yabei Bontique Hotel in Puzhehei(普者黑雅贝精舍酒店 )
    Address:Qingren Bridge, Puzhehe, Qiubei County, Wenshan 丘北 普者黑风景区普者黑村青龙山码头情人桥旁
  • Shiwai Taoyuan Hotel in Guangnan (广南世外桃源大酒店)
    Address:No.18 Babao Road, Nanxiu Community, Liancheng Town, Guangnan County 广南 莲城镇南秀社区八宝路18号
  • Xiyuan Holiday Hotel in Puzhehei (普者黑兮院度假酒店)
    Address: No. 67, 1st Puzhehei Road, Puzhehei Village, Shuanglongying Town, Qiubei County 丘北 双龙营镇普者黑村普者黑一路区67号
  • Yeshe U House Lake-view Boutique Hotel in Puzhehei(普者黑野舍U House湖景精品客栈)
    Address:Puzhehei Scenic Area, Puzhehei Village, Qiubei County, Wenshan 
  • Aoshi Hotel in Wenshan(文山敖氏大酒店)
    Address:No.99 Northern Kaihua Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan
  • Longyuan Hotel in Qiubei (文山华锡酒店)
    Address:No.3 Xinshiqiao Village, Qiubei County, Wenshan

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The Best Budget 3-Star Hotels in Wenshan

  • Yida Inn in Puzhehei (普者黑一搭客栈  )
    Address: Xianrendong Village, Puzhehei Scenic Area, Qiubei County, Wenshan  丘北 普者黑风景区内仙人洞村
    Tel: 15288687432
  • Yuexin Hotel in Wenshan (文山悦欣酒店)
    Address: First floor of 7th building in Julong Business Center, Kaihua Road, Wenshan City文山市炬隆万商汇7栋1楼
    Tel: (0876)2121566
  • Dihao Hotel in Wenshan (文山帝豪酒店)
    Address: Major building of Desheng Furnishing Center, Western Taikang Road, Wenshan City文山市 泰康西路得胜家居主楼
    Tel: 0876-8882666 

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