Wuding County Shopping

Shopping plays an important part in Wuding County tour. We offer tourists information about what & where to buy in Wuding County

What to Buy in Wuding Cunty?

1. Tiger-head shoes of Yi ethnic people

Shoes worn by ethnic minorities differ from those of the Han nationality because of the different cultures--especially religious beliefs. The Yis, who have worshipped tigers since ancient times, present the "Tiger Culture" in many aspects of their life.

The tiger-head shoes are made of red cloth. In the front part of the shoes, the "five sense organs" are embroidered with threads of different colours such as blue, green, black, orange, and pinks etc. 

2. Hani purple rice wine

One of the most famous specialties is purple rice which is rich in protein, folic acid and trace elements such as iron, zinc, and calcium.

The purple rice wine is brewed by the local-planted purple rice that presents amber, smells fragrant and tastes mellow and thick.

3.Yi Ethnic Paper-cuts

The intelligent Yi ethnic ladies also give full play to their inspirations by making a variety of paper-cut artworks mainly used for decorating their costumes, bedrooms, waiting rooms, and most of the time for religious ceremonies. Patterns included are mainly plants, wild lives, and holy things in the Yi ethnic religion.

Dragon, phoenix, fish, birds, butterflies, peach blossoms, lotus flowers, tigers, magpies and others are what we normally can find on these artworks. They are widely used by people of different ages, social status and for different purposes. 

4. Cotton Bags

Bags mainly made from home-made cotton cloth vary much in designs. These fine and smooth bags are, most of the time, decorated with embroidered patterns such as flowers, people, animals, fruits and traditionally auspicious symbols, all brightly colored.

Where to Buy in Wuding County?

There are lots of shopping districts, streets, malls and stores in Wuding County. We select some shops with good quality and reasonable price for tourists.

1. Name: Xinling Commerce (新荣商贸)

    Address: In the junction of Wukang Road and Huancheng East Road

    Telephoe: 13638792099

2. Lvzhiyuan Local Specialty (绿之源土特产)

    Address: No.147, Wukang Road of Wuding County

    Telephone: 15125731837

3. Luowu Local Specialty Rare Goods Shop (罗鹜土特产珍品店)

     Address: In the junction of Wenhua Road and Luowu Road

     Telephone: 0878-8835977

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