Xichou County Dining

There are many delicious foods of Xichou County with local flavor in Xichou County. These Xichou dishes and snacks of Xichou County are made of local material. Travelers can taste them in local restaurants.

1.Sanqi Black-bone Chicken 三七乌骨鸡

Sanqi stew chicken  is the famous cuisine of the Yanshan county, the method to make  Sanqi  black-bone chicken: use the clean water to wash the Sanqi root, then use  pot stew the root and chicken.

2.Xichou Bayberry 西畴杨梅

Xichou bayberry is a specialty of  Xichou County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The kind of the Xichou bayberry is devided into Dongkui bayberry(东魁梅), Heitan bayberry(黑炭梅), Dingqiao bayberry(丁岙梅).

3.Zhuangs Five-color Glutinous Rice 壮家花糯米

Zhuangs take paddy rice as the staple food. They are good at making glutinous food, among which five-color glutinous rice, puffed rice candy, and Kaofang (big glutinous dumpling) are delicacies in festive occasions. The colorful rice is dyed with the extract of plants with different colors, and then cooked. The glutinous dumpling has many varieties, and is big in size. It usually weighs about 1 kg each and in the shape of a pillow.

4.Xichou Chinese Mahogany西畴香椿

Xichou Xiangchun  is a specialty of  Xichou County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Xichou county enjoys a tradition of cultivation of Chinese mahogany.



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