Ximeng County Climate

Climate in Ximeng County

Ximeng Wa Autonomous County is located in the southern section of the Nushan Mountains. It belongs to the middle and high mountain valleys. The rivers belong to the Nujiang River system. It is affected by the warm and humid air current in the southwest of the Bay of Bengal. It belongs to the subtropical maritime monsoon climate. In 2017, the average temperature was 19.8℃; the extreme maximum temperature appeared on May 25, which was 33.6℃; the extreme minimum temperature appeared on December 21, 5.0℃; the annual total rainfall was 1894.8 mm; the annual sunshine hours 2030.1h . The annual average temperature of the county is 0.2℃ higher than the same period of the previous year; the accumulated rainfall is 54.2mm more than the same period of the previous year; the sunshine is 52.5 hours less than the same period of the previous year. There were 25 heavy rains (≥25.0 mm), 5 heavy rains (≥50.0 mm) and 1 heavy rainstorm (≥100.0 mm).

Best Time to Visit Ximeng County

It is suitable to visit Ximeng County all year round. Like many other cities in Yunnan, Ximeng is a place where the seasons are like spring. There is no cold, no heat, warm and humid, especially suitable for human habitation, so you can go to Ximeng at any time.

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