Xinping County Accommodation

It's a good idea to check the rooms in any accommodation before committing to anything. However, finding a nice hotel with sufficient furnishings and reasonable prices in Xinping is so easy. Different styles of hotels are offered ranging from mid-range to budget ones. For more detailed information of hotels in Xinping, check the followings.

Where to Stay


Xinping Shihao Hotel(新平世豪大酒店)
Tel: 0877-7612222
Add: No.1-2, 2nd building of Shihao Mall, Old Town, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County (新平彝族傣族自治县古城街道世豪大商城2栋1-3号)

Xinping Huitong Hotel(新平惠通酒店)
Tel: 0877-7010940
Add: No.5, Xiyuan Road, Guishan Town, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County (新平彝族傣族自治县桂山镇西园路五号)

Xinping Qinhuai Hotel(新平琴淮酒庄)
Tel: 0877-7019688
Add: Industrial Area, Guishan Town, Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County, near Xinping Avenue(新平彝族傣族自治县工业园区桂山片 ,近新平大道)


Yunhe Hotel (云和大酒店)
Tel: 4008281661; 0877-7776029
Address: No. 1, Xiyuan South Road, Guishan Town , Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County (新平彝族傣族自治县桂山镇西园南路1号)

Xinping Ailaoshan Hotel (新平哀牢山酒店)
Tel: 4008281661; 13577774385
Address: Middle Section of Cixi Avenue , Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County(新平彝族傣族自治县戛洒大道中段)

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