Xizhou Ancient Town Accommodation

As it is close to the Dali ancient town, a majority of tourists choose to return to the ancient town or head to the next attraction Shuanglang. The hostel with the best condition in the old town is Xilinyuan

Xilinyuan Hostel(喜林苑酒店)-Five Star

Tel: 0872-2452988

Address: No.85 Chengbei Village, Xizhou Town,Dali City

Comment: It is the best hotel in the old town.

Diehaiyuehai Resort Hotel(蝶海月海度假酒店)

Tel: 400-011-8011

Address: Next toGongyu Cave,Taoyuan Village,Xizhou Town,Dali City

Comment: The hotel has well-equipped basic facilities and perfect service system

Linghaimuyue Hotel(聆海沐月客栈)

Tel: 0871-2433188

Address: Taoyuan Village,Xizhou Town,Dali City

Comment: It has convenient transportation and superior geographical position.

Heyao Renshouju Hotel(和舀仁寿居度假酒店)

Tel: 0871-2475995

Address: Beicun village, near Xizhou Town, Dali City

Comment:  The hotel has basic facilities and superior geographical.

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