Xizhou Ancient Town Overview

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 喜洲镇
  • Location: Located in the north of Dali City
  • Population:70,000
  • Language: Bai Language
  • Postal code: 672600
  • Area code(s): 0872

Where to Stay

Xizhou Town accommodation is convenient and comfortable. You can choose different hotels according to your requirements.

What to Visit

Xizhou Town is a charming city with green hills and clear water, its tourism resources are unique and various. Within the territory, there are over 10 scenic plots such as Xizhou Old Town, Yan Family Compound, Zhoucheng Village, Taoyuan Village, Yinfucheng’s House Baochengfu, Kelizhuang Mosque, Haishe (Tongue of Erhai Lake) Park, Shengyuan Temple.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for touring Dali is between March and June every year, because at that time there is the celebration for the March Street in Dali. It is also the time when the camellias are in bloom. It is warm and there is no wind or sand. Similarly, the best time for touring Xizhou Town is also between March and June.


In a book Notes of Trips in Yunnan (written in 1941), the famous Chinese writer Lao She (1899–1966) called Xizhou the “Cambridge of the Orient.”


In this area, protected by the lake and the mountain, the Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms had the capital of their extensive territories. These kingdoms were accomplished in architecture and engineering as can be seen from the still standing Three Pagodas located between Xizhou and Dali and other sites nearby.

What to Buy                                                                                       

There are many special things that you can buy, such as tie-dyed cloth, silver and bronze ware, Bai ethnic embroidered apron ribbon.


Each place has its own special dishes in China. Xizhou cake, raw hide, Rushan, Er Kuai, sand-pot fish, three course tea are good choices for you.

Administrative Division

There are 13 villages in Xizhou Town: Xizhou Village(喜洲村), Sili Village(寺里村), Taoyuan Village(桃源村), Renli Village(仁里邑村), Yongxing Village(永兴村), Wenge Village(文阁村 ), Shangguan Village(上关村 ), Sha Village(沙村), Jinhe Village(金河村), Heaijiang Village(河矣江村), Qingdong Village(庆洞村), Zuoyi Village(作邑村), Zhoucheng Village(周城村).

Ethnic Groups

The major ethnic groups are Bai, Han, Yi, Miao, Hui, Lisu.


The major festivals around XizhouTown include Visiting Three Spirits, March Street Festival, Bai Torch Festival, Open- Sea Festival, Gegen Meeting, Shuahai Meeting, Hungry Ghost Festival, Caishen Temple Fair, Benzhu Worship Festival.