Xuanwei Climate

There are some information that tells you when to travel to Xuanwei City  in Qujing. The climate in Xuanwei City is quite warm. There will be a lot of rain all year round in Xuanwei county. Even in the dry season, there is still a lot of rain. The summer and autumn are affected by maritime air mass and the winter and spring are affected by continental air air mass respectively, forming a low-latitude plateau monsoon climate with multiple climatic zones in the north subtropical zone, the southern temperate zone and the middle temperate zone . Its main features are no cold in winter, no heat in summer, small differences of the annual temperature, large differences of daily temperature, and it is unclear among the seasons. Winter and spring is drought, but summer and autumn is humid. The precipitation is concentrated. It is clear that there are wet seasons and dry seasons, The average annual temperature is 13.4 °C, the highest annual average temperature is 14.6 °C, the lowest annual average temperature is 12.7 °C, and the annual difference is 1.9 °C. The average annual sunshine for many years is 2018.5 hours, and the percentage of sunshine is 47%. The maximum number of sunshine is 2369.1 hours, at least 1805.1 hours, and the difference is 564 hours; the maximum month is March 229.9 hours, and the minimum month is September 126.2 hours.

Best time to visit Xuanwei city

The climate in Xuanwei city is quite warm. People can come to Xuanwei in Spring and Summer to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. And Spring is the most popular time for the local people to celebrate all kinds of festivals.

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